Comparare inter-laboratoare intre UME TUBITAK Turcia si INM Romania in domeniul masurarilor de forta

Autor/autori: Adrian GHERASIMOV, Sinan FANK, Bulent AYDEMIR

Rezumat: Force Laboratory of TUBITAK-UME (Turkey) and INM (Romania) conducted a bilateral comparison of force standard machines between the force range 2 kN and 1000 kN in accordance with EURAMET Project no 838. The main goal of the interlaboratory comparison was to demonstrate the compatibility of the measurements results between the participating laboratories, with the view to support the CMCs declared and accepted in the frame of the CIPM MRA. The paper comprises the conditions of the measurements and summarized the results of the bilateral comparison involving the force standard machines of TUBITAK-UME, Turkey and INM, Romania. The measurement procedure applied and the method to evaluate the interlaboratory comparison results are presented.

Cuvinte cheie: force interlaboratory comparison